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Month: February 2019

World Homeopathic Awareness Week – April 10th – April 16th

April 10th – April 16th every year. This year April 2019 we are celebrating our 15th World Homeopathic Awareness Week. 

For more information, please visit the World Homeopathy Awareness Organization

Also visit The National Center for Homeopathy (NCH) to download the brochure for the theme for 2019 – Homeopathy for Digestive Disorders.


2019 Joint American Homeopathic Conference

2019 Joint American Homeopathic Conference

June 28 -30, 2019

Baltimore, Maryland

This year’s conference theme, “Homeopathy & Brain Health: Improving Outcomes Across the Lifespan” will highlight personal research or clinical experiences, with contributions from our community and world-renowned speakers.

Topic to be covered:
●    Autism
●    ADD / ADHD
●    Dementia / Alzheimer’s
●    Depression
●    Anxiety

And Much More…

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